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Prototype 2 is better than we expected. It has a powerful storyline and an opponent where you can empathize, but its gameplay increases in every way, making it the most controversial toy. Prototype 2 is a great game.

Go play Sgt James Heller, a soldier who has the power to change his form. Deadly virus sweeps New York, kills your family, and goes You do not have to live unless you kill the person you blame fordeath – Alex Mercer, prototype protagonist first.

New York prototype2 The zero rate is divided into zones depending on the level of viral infection. There is a green color that needs to be safe, yellow, bad and full of dirty cities where the virus is located, and the red where the virus extends. You can perform missions in all these places, on your way to fightAlex Mercer With DepthOnother people, Saint James Heller can get their personal data and read their memories.

Authorization Hell -What prototype 2 is so much fun – jumping, hiking and flying around the city is great, and the fight is different and never bored. As challenges grow, you need better tactics and diversity to tackle your enemies and your boss. Wicked infiltration Compounds are also fun because you’re trying to consume and take on the look of people who are different from others. Useful choices will be added to your growth, for example, to be a biological soldier, noforget that Prototype 2 is a game with 18 ratings for one reason!

Heller is an interesting character, with some great flow and often fun throughout the game. The prototype of sound2 is usually good, with some quite durable sound effects There are also some beautiful graphic touches. New York looks very beautiful and full of life and detail, making it an exciting navigation environment. The helicopters and tanks in prototype 2 are awesome, especially when you aredestroy it!

In general, prototype 2 is a great improvement in the original form of fun. Some missions sometimes have monotonous moments, but developers generally understand their mistakes. It is one of the best sandboxes in the last years of a convincing storyline, charismatic character, and some amazing graphics. do not miss